As we continue to experience an unprecedented health situation with the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19, supporting families with feeding difficulties has become even more important. As always, I am working to provide the most current information and research. 

The health of our families – both yours and mine – is my top priority!

To align with current health precautions, I am updating practice model to exclusively offer video telehealth visits for all consults, classes, and groups.

Coronavirus + COVID-19

Coronavirus is part of a large family of viruses which cause respiratory symptoms, sometimes severe. COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered strain of coronavirus, which is proving to be highly contagious; the disease can be spread through droplets from the mouth or nose of an infected person whether or not they are exhibiting symptoms. In light of this information, the increase in cases, and public health recommendations, I feel the safest way to provide support – for both your family and mine – is to offer only virtual/telehealth appointments at this time.

COVID-19 has not been detected in breastmilk, though antibodies for it have (human milk is amazing!).

For those who have been exposed or show symptoms of COVID-19, current guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that continuing to breastfeed and/or providing baby with expressed milk is preferred. Safety precautions include:

  • wearing a mask when holding or feeding baby;
  • washing hands before and after holding baby;
  • routinely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) has also issued a Statement of Considerations for COVID-19 Vaccination in Lactation; you can find that information here.

Virtual/Telehealth Visits + COVID-19 FAQ

The HIPAA- compliant platform I use, Practice Better, is fully supported in the latest browsers on your Android and Apple mobile devices, tablets, and laptops/desktops; devices purchased in the last 3-4 years should be fully compatible, and many others may be sufficient. Your device will need a camera.

If you are joining a virtual/telehealth session in a browser, ensure you are using the latest Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox browsers. The Practice Better app, available for iOS and Android, is required for a mobile device, which also supports a secure chat window where we can communicate after our session. It is very user-friendly and easy, I promise!

A reliable internet or cellular connection is also required.

Though it may seem weird at first, besides the fact that we are not sitting in the same room, the fundamentals of these sessions are absolutely the same!

In every role of support, my goal is to equip you with information, strategies, and tools to establish connection and secure attachment, improve difficulties, and tap into your innate skills so that you can make the best decisions for your family, and enjoy your baby.

  • For one-on-one consults, you will receive a link to complete your health history immediately after booking. This information must be completed as soon as you are able before our session. After reviewing it, I may ask you to provide some photos or video through our secure portal in advance of our session to ensure I am seeing what I need to; I will provide clear instructions, and it should only take a few minutes. We will decide together how to track baby’s weight before and after feedings so we can record trends. During the visit, it is very helpful to have another person to help with camera angles; if this is not possible, we can strategize ways to prepare the environment. As always, I will share lots of information and tips, and we will develop a customized plan to help you meet your goals.
  • For TummyTime!™ Method consults and classes, I will advise you on how to set up your space (which you would want to do at home anyway!). I will always work with what you have on hand.
  • For groups, well… you don’t even need to leave your bed or couch!

All scheduling is done online! You can click through the services tab to find descriptions and details, or simply choose the “Book now” button (desktop/laptop only). Please contact me by phone or email if you wish to schedule outside of my usual availability.

Once you schedule a virtual/telehealth session, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to prepare for our meeting; some sessions will generate a link to complete your health history as well.

Please check with your insurance company about what your policy covers and reimbursement options for virtual/telehealth visits with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Many insurance providers have issued statements saying they will cover feeding support visits during this time.

In this unprecedented time, many families feel it is more difficult than ever to sort out quality resources. Information is changing rapidly, but here are a few consistently excellent sources:

It is beyond my scope of practice to give medical advice, but I am committed to connecting families with accurate and timely information. Please use these and other credible resources to make the best decisions for your family.

Marissa Honey-Jones – updated February 1, 2021